Bardo Pond and Fire Records to reissue the former’s self-titled album, feat. silver vinyl and lots of wHoooaAAaa

Bardo Pond and Fire Records to reissue the former's self-titled album, feat. silver vinyl and lots of wHoooaAAaa

Most albums don’t get reissued as early as eight years after their original release, I don’t think, but have you considered the fact that we’ll be fully engaged in a 2019 trajectory of…balloons…and tragedy…and pineapple juice less than two cozy and celebratory weeks from now?!?

Okay, fine: take the summations of an amateur and uniquely attired psychic with a grain of a salt if you must, but the certainty of an imminent 2019 does actually allow us to round up to nine (count ‘em: nine) years since perennial psychedelic outfit Bardo Pond released their self-titled album on Fire Records. And nine years means we can round up to 10…and 10 years means we can round up to twenty, which is really an excessive amount of time to be scouring the Earth for off-market sellers of the subtly intricate work that marked Bardo’s entry into the 2010s!

With minor variations to the lineup, the quintet from Philadelphia had been around since the early 1990s, and by the aughts’ second decade, their musical expertise had reached its sedative apex: Isobel Sollenberger continued to showcase the fruits of her having conscientiously saved a seat for her flute any time she went to the movie theater; and the Gibbons’, Clint Takeda, and Jason Kourkounis rounded out what was clearly now a veteran group of musicians, inclined toward the trippy. And seeing as how it’s been unavailable for a while now, Bardo Pond about to get a fresh, shiny, 2019 reissue on all formats, including a limited edition silver 2xLP.

Here’s the pre-order link ahead of the January 18 release date. And here’s the opening track, “Just Once,” followed by the vinyl art and tracklisting:

Bardo Pond tracklisting:

01. Just Once
02. Don’t Know About You
03. Sleeping
04. Cracker Wrist
05. The Stars Behind
06. Wayne’s Tune

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