♫♪  Barnaby Bennett - “DISTRICT 17 VIP [free download]”

We all hate Barnaby Bennett, right? Like, nobody actually “digs” this dude, right? Let him be Canadian in Canadia, right? This guy can totally fuck off with his shit. All his shit. Oh, bro, okay COOL! You made some Postal Service remixes. I get it. That’s totally post-chill. “DISTRICT 17 VIP [free download]” completely ironic in a vat of natural high that stirs probably around midnight and midlife-crisis. Something that’s more of a meltdown than just another track. Remember this memory of the ex that never let go? It’s almost as-if you’re listening to Elliott Smith or Braid while reading a philosophy book, but you’re a turf-management major. So doesn’t that come down to the reverted esoteric nature of the remix itself: nostalgic rot? We’ve clearly here Barnaby in a much darker and professional setting that “DISTRICT 17 VIP [free download],” so what’s the catch? Actuallly, now I’m concerned because Mr. Bennett is a dear one to me, so what’s up? Holy shit!! JKJKJKJKJKJK I love BB. Seriously, tho, wallow?

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