♫♪  Barnaby Bennett x D/P/I - ºoº

Thank goodness Barnaby Bennett x D/P/I are keeping it ºoº. Someone aught to and these guys have in the most intriguing way. Dropping vocals in “without u” at a HIGH mark of 4:20, reaching out to a listener like me: stoned at 2AM on a Sunday night (Monday morning), who’s gotta wake up at 6:30AM, having driven back from LGA minutes ago, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and every car is vomit’s distance from my newly leased Subaru. And I’m already drunk. But the weed and this cover of “hello” is pulling me together sweetly. Then bleeding sounds into “ok” there-after, doing guitar just right, and humming a meditation drone, fluxing in and out, marking both musician’s talent for fucking with the listener, which is exactly what’s needed, always. More-so, “ok” is finally the moment D/P/I uses Barnaby’s vocals and music making (rather than selections/recommendations from his physical collection), honoring each other in musical matrimony. “hometown” lingers like that last bit of a 40 oz. on a playground swing you’ve been riding for about an hour, but the outlooks is projected upon the clear sky and stars above, drawing in that homer-aroma, basked and baked and sauntered on a mutually sketched atmosphere. yet, the crooning in “walk thru my <3” is the sweet-talk BB x D/P/I have been mustering in ºoº.

Personally, having experienced an a cappella collaboration of BB x D/P/I in the back room of Palasades geeking on sounds they heard while visiting the music museum in Canada, my patience has been finally satiated, and ºoº is just short of a masterpiece. It’s hidden in the cracks, buried deep enough (like the DEEP MAGIC and Dracula Lewis collab), and almost enough slime to last all four seasons. Yet, you know there’s more. There’s gotta be! Scope ºoº by Barnaby Bennett x D/P/I below and feel the release:

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