♫♪  Basic House - Pathetique

BASIC HOUSE has always been what’s lingering just behind you, you know? Listen to it walking home at night, I dare you to because we all gotta challenge ourselves one way or another. But-like, buying a BEAN burrito and ending up with $8 worth of two BEEF burrito, like, aye. So my guy laying on the flat cardboard-box got he-self dinner: kind. Go another place, and I’m stumbling from just the day, you know? Thinking in away the lingering of Pathetique. Maybe manic. Or it’s just night time. What time is it? Gaze into everything. Make a lifetime of complete gaze. There it is: history writing itself a redundancy. And then some. Trickling a grammatical app that watches you in numbers. How many errors?

V I S dropped their fifth release Pathetique by BASIC HOUSE (w/ back-up by Opal Tapes), and this screw won’t stay in the fucking wall, why:

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