♫♪  Basic House - “Prye of Bro”

Phrases and words taken, unchanged from the first link I came across after googling “dystopian speeches” while listening to Basic House’s “Prye of Bro” from his upcoming project:


I would never forgive myself
if I didn’t let you hear
a very dark,
Strangelovian picture
a really dystopian world
the specter of spraying nuclear weapons
all those years ago.

paint a dark picture of a dystopian future?
It’s in days
In this new reality

We are a superpower,
we have superpowers.

“Dystopian, what’s that?”
It’s perfection
it’s heaven on earth
it’s idyllic
Dystopia is Mad Max
and Thunderdome
That’s dystopian.


• Basic House: https://soundcloud.com/basichouse
• Opal Tapes: https://opaltapes.bandcamp.com

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