♫♪  Bastian Void - NIPPON LP

Mayhem was meant to be mended with mystery. There’s always a curious callous at the center that we’re all trying to core away at, but finding the “Why?” — especially in non-visual entertainment, such as music — is always the quest. So open the pages to Bastian Void’s new NIPPON LP, and find a meaning all on your own. Beats like beams of light from machines to brain-matter, fluttering and spiraling like infinite oscillations, crackling along lines that tie knots into monkey fists hacking internet pirate minds like a world-wide virus. But when you find out, “This album features field recordings taken in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Shoji-ko. It was mixed while in the air over Alaska, on the
Shinkansen and on various busses around Japan
…” Bastian Void ranks up the production game to heights that journey just as far as it helps listeners’ imaginations. Fall into NIPPON LP:

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