♫♪  Bastian Void - Phonics

Slow drippin’ into your horizon, Bastion Void (a.k.a. Homeowner, a.k.a. Joe Bastardo, a.k.a. one-half Diamond Chevrolet) increases each bit of electronic batter in his newest cassette on Chemical Tapes, Phonics. Upon individual listen/contemplation, one can muster up imaginings of the universe Bastion Void breathes within: metal shelled, portal windows, slow pulsating lights, knobs on everything, and a nose/mouth tube to respirate magic. As this tank finishes its journey to the bottom of the darkest ocean, Bastion Void begins motion via sound, managing to discover the most alien of sounds in the deepest crevasses of Earth. And as the trail of said “magic” emits, so does the reflection of engulfed majesty in the noise of new reality.

Joe, on the other hand, has a more nostalgic point of view: [(potential) liner-notes]: “Warm daylight, myself at age 8, sitting in computer class. Circuits and pine trees. Views out various bedroom windows. The research laboratory down the street. Atari in the basement. Wood paneling. Office buildings. Power generators sitting in the forest. Light shapes cast on walls. Science class. Old computer games. Leaves and educational video tapes.

Grip at the new reality of Phonics by Bastion Void over at Chemical Tapes today, and listen to the cassette in its digital entirety below:

• Bastion Void: http://bastianvoid.bandcamp.com
• Chemical Tapes: http://chemicaltapeslabel.bandcamp.com

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