♫♪  Beat Detectives - Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress

It’s a pure blessing when one discovers a new Beat Detective piece of work. And Beat Detectives (a.k.a. Chris Hontos, Aaron Anderson and Oakley Tapola) are TRUE pieces of work. Like, Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress arrived in my ears by-way of Landon, who said it was sent to him and wasn’t sure of any release details pertaining. The next few months, all I listened to was Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress, heard nothing about a release and couldn’t find shit online about it, so I knocked it into my hard drive prison for later on in life. But then I caught wind of Beat Detectives releasing something on Not Not Fun June 23, and upon going to the trio’s SoundCloud, I found exactly what I had been looking for: Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress on double cassette via Where To Now.

Briefly, Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress (and generally the Beat Detectives) is complete outsider expertise. There’s beauty within the smearing. Plenty of goodies brandished in razorblades. Turns that only lead to a labyrinth. A grime of sample trickery that only raves your mind in light without perpetual regurgitation. Only. One. Ear. Pierced.

Still on sale. Still a double cassette. Still limited to 60 copies. Still Beat Detectives. Still Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress. Still Where To Now. Chill:

• Beat Detectives: https://soundcloud.com/beat-detectives
• Where To Now: http://wheretonow.bandcamp.com

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