Beat Detectives
Call It What You Want

Moonlight skate to Mariah. Jam on four wheels like a roller derby just felt up the priest at a Halloween party the rink was throwing this Holiday. Pregnant nun belly flops and slides a few feet, gets up and smiles with a goatee. Then a flight to LGA, salsa, Flushing dumplings, Farrington Street, 7-train, and ordering a third bottle of wine in midtown. East. No: west. And here it is with complete aura. Looks and gambling with a tongue and a cello bow.

Chin up to see a horse cop. Catch a few winks in the park, “Bloodthirsty shit like that.” Leaving your ticket on the ground. Politeness in waves of range. Chisel the trail like a love letter from everyone you pass on a daily basis. You look like an angel that was sent just for me to see today. On a day like today. Of all other days in the way of today. Always. Array: AND IT’S HER!

Nothing else matters in a meter of morgue. Beat Detectives’ Call It What You Want isn’t just another lick, but a smatter. Coordinate the Zerobalance. Smear:

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