♫♪  Beat Detectives - CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape

It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Beat Detectives just blasted out a new (almost) 17 minute collage, CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape. Okay, maybe it’s considered more a [modern-day] mixtape, but the busted mentality driven by the beats and tracks upon tracks, organized in a trash-bin both IRL and URL… this mixtape is the future. I’m only two minutes in and Beat Detectives have dropped like a dozen zones already. That’s right: at six zones a minute, minimum, CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape creeps around the block out a brickhouse boom-box in animated, crooked notes, not giving a funk ‘bout yo strut or sense of self (i.e., fashion). Where are you right now? Doesn’t matter, if one of Beat Detectives’ releases from 2015 (Climate Change (TMT Review) or Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress [which made out 2015 second quarter list]) — including CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape — ain’t blaring throughout your ear canals right now, then you got some healing to do. And btw, this is music PR 101 for musicians just tryna get their shit out there: do the work, keep on hustling yourself, and be real.

Snoop below and melt into Beat Detective’s new CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape:

• Beat Detectives: https://soundcloud.com/beat-detectives

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