♫♪  Beat Detectives - Krazy, Devoted & Insane

It’s unbecoming, the way in which we narrate our lives. Whether digital or musical, it’s fucking selfish. There’s selfish reasons for everything. The word “want,” like. If you’re not fucking with that silly-serious vibe, it’s hard for me to also vibe. Half the time you’re like, “I quit smoking 16 years ago,” and the other half the time it be Annie Hall.

Some kid I know watches a shit load of random cartoons on YouTube. I love it because whenever I come back to me computer it’s all various Looney Tune clips tabbed out, either full episodes, clips, or random nonsense. The refreshing part is the cartoons, rather than someone [who’s in heavy developmental stages of life] subconsciously leaving these … Tunes on me computer.

Yo, anatomy though, and weird fucking posters posted up in the MTA about delays and weekend-night/-days. Like, seeing something you’re completely “WTF” about. Or just becoming a little more a part of the whole. Not in a cog way, but a whole of careful observers that focus in on just the right moments in life’s day-by-day.

Beat Detectives continues long a pathway of observational humor that’s embedded with clips of your favorite calamity and capper and satire and sustainable aesthetic; Krazy, Devoted & Insane is neither blood or crypt. It’s all of us. We’re all out here:

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