♫♪  Beat Detectives - No Dogs No Masters


No Dogs No Masters is watching a brawl happen on some nine floor apt building close to the park put on by NYPD Records and the crooked hooks of Beat Detectives. Like a street fight that keeps expanding in participants. Relentless harmony in spurts of hot sauce. Sabotaged. Unintentional MK Ultra.

Itchy behind the eats. Feeling a little canine. —Err, canine. CLINGY!! I meant: clingy. Been Big Red all my life. Universally. Overwhelmed with endurance. Yikes! Nonstop in the Hodge Podge paint. At some-point in time that’s not at all memorable. Again in the paint. Repaint.

I dunno. No Dogs No Masters is really fantastic. Even if there are a couple repeats of previous mixes, I fuxx. NYPD Records is the abundance of Beat Detective chivalry. Nothing is polite anymore. DECKED OUT!!!!:

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