♫♪  Beat Detectives - Rhythms & Edits Volume 1

Beat Detectives keep so consistent in evolving aesthetic sound. Everything always sounds refurbishedly repurposed. A summer gym-shorts pocket of Bazooka bubble gum. Flat tires half way home. Unexpected flashbacks on the BQE around rush hour. Getting with it every chance you get. Not understanding how to waste time, while constantly thing, “Am I wasting time, rn?” The only side effect of being high is feeling lost in your own neighborhood. Like, you know the way, but shit is just now kicking in, like. An atrocity. Heaps of your own temple. ALTERED STATES TAPES on that weird cassette-to-order hook-up vibe. One arrive to me completely fine and unexpectedly, as I’d forgotten about this release, swearing I’d only listen to it on tape from here-on out. Like a beat tape made for raving. Rhythms & Edits Volume 1 is absolutely a contender for AOTY:

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