♫♪  Beat Detectives - “Your Love”

Gliding through releases on Not Not Fun’s outerwear label, 100% Silk, and Moon Glyph, Twin Cities trio, Beat Detectives, have finally made their way onto Night People, in that part of the Midwest where things tend to get all land-stranded and weird. Lots of people crushing beer cans on a dreary night, lit only by the shining moon, squirming in their all-silk jumpsuit. It happens. I’ve seen it. Surprised it took even this long for the Detectives to find their way in. But Night People’s Shawn Reed has a way of bringing them in from all around the world. Probably with promises of moonshine, reverb, and drum machines. And something that will resemble familiar aspects of mainstream electronic music, once you get through the melting layers of neon ooze stuck to everything. Does it glow in the dark? It’s the Night People uniform — of course it glows in the dark.

Listen to the first song from the album, “Your Love” below and pick up the whole tape Music About Time from Night People, all wrapped up in that canonical psychoxerox Shawn Reed artwork.

• Beat Detectives: https://soundcloud.com/beat-detectives
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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