♫♪  Bekelé Berhanu - Nou la / Nou led

Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Zebra” has been the recipient of some great remixes, including ones by Napolian, Starfoxxx, and DJ Warlord (find his hectic edit here), so why stop there? Thankfully, Bekelé Berhanu continues the tradition on his new mix, Nou la, which finds him reworking “Zebra” into a glimmering, house-inflected number. But that’s just a fraction of the mix. The rest of this mix and its sister mix Nou led are exquisite throughout, contrasting nicely with Berhanu’s more abrasive Untitled mix for Janus (which I had described earlier this year as entrenched “in the noisy, politicized decay of club life, with leavening distortion that transforms its source material into wretched, hollowed-out pockets of dirt, mud, filth” — ha!). That one’s still one of my favorites of the year.

Catch performances by Berhanu at The Getty (5/30) and Los Globos (6/11) in L.A., and check out Nou la and Nou led below:

• Bekelé Berhanu: https://soundcloud.com/bekeleberhanu

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