♫♪  Ben Zimmerman - Vape​$​4Je​$​u$

Chess. It’s a game. People play it. Masters win it. Sometimes there’s clocks. Typically it’s only two colors. And a skid-mark from a tire screeches and burns a rubber line in the pavement landing directly onto the chess board — piece flying everywhere — cracking it in half. Sunglasses pulled down. Eye contact.

Flamingo Vapor rises from our hero’s nostrils as the angel-winged door automatically shuts behind his silhouette against the sunset. A double-take become a triple-take becoming a double-take, all in one complete take: Ben Zimmerman in a white three-piece suit, white tie. Everything has been slowmotion this entire time.

A white, still-burning pawn piece lands in his hand, so he draws it close to a caterpillar mustache suckin’ on a lefty, which he lights and plumes smoke that he writes Vape​$​4Je​$​u$ into with a finger. Dice:

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