Benjamin Finger
“Pˈɒp mjˈuːzɪk‏”

What is it, Monday? Gotcha: TIME TO GET WEIRD! And on that twitchy-furry, Ring-Pop light-show kick is none other than good-old Benjamin Finger, flickering sounds and an array of visuals in the new video for “Pˈɒp mjˈuːzɪk‏.” Lot of mirror-split images too that depict those videoed dancing with they-selves (physically), but the deterioration of the third-wall is what’s most important and intriguing here. Combine with the menagerie of psych-beats and tumultuous production, these images crumble with the music into a pixilated, VHS-warbled appeal that simultaneously defines itself and loses complete meaning. All intentional. With the backing of a culture that perpetuates new-feels (a.k.a. furry), “Pˈɒp mjˈuːzɪk‏” also seeks that discovery-of-sound appeal to ears that entice the notion that most of the track’s audio could potentially be found-sound, and all these melodies and beats colliding are one beautiful, happy accident. That or Benjamin Finger remains a genius. So, I’ll take both.

“Pˈɒp mjˈuːzɪk‏” was taken from Benjamin Finger’s newest EP 9.5 on Sellout!Music, which drops on June 3, so don’t miss out!

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