♫♪  BOAN - Menitras

This April, I was fortunate to see BOAN live in my town (hint: Frasier was set here), when they went out on the road with Marie Davidson. It was one of the best live sets I’ve seen so far this year, and it’s no surprise that José Cota, one half of the Texas duo, put on another of my favorite live sets with his solo outing SSLEEPERHOLD. His distinct synth and production work is all over BOAN’s debut, Menitras, with equally badass vocals from Mariana Saldaña. If this team sounds familiar to you, that’s because they were part of L.A.’s Medio Mutante (check out their choice demos here).

Now, in 2k15, they’re back together with a concise, all-killer, no-bullshit debut that’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine from Holodeck, even with a high bar set by their righteous discography (btw, that Sungod LP still rips hard). There are only five tracks, but three personal favorites are “Babylon,” “Freaksnake,” and”Boan Acid.”

Menitras is out on June 9, via Holodeck, on cassette and TWO vinyl editions (clear and black). I’ve already got the tape, but I’m very tempted to go ahead and buy the vinyl too (very decadent of me, isn’t it?).

• BOAN: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOAN/109780689145792
• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com

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