“Slow-mo late night clubbing vaporwave.” — Paul-OH!!!

“I cant listen to it right now.” — A-Tone Down

“Makes me want to go to a hot spring.” — That P

“Good music for the time it takes to transfer trains at Tokyo Metro.” — L.O.

“Sorry gotta plow through some jobs at work” — Crawf Blood

“[New Rraro] taste just like Haribo’s gummy bears, but are in round format.” — jMic

“Sounds like background music to an R&B track that never really takes off.” — Mickey Smallz

“FACTmag was calling it sinogrime a la Fatima, but I’m hearing more LA g-funk.” — Squeo

“Yooooo, I can rock to this.” — LAMP

“Tiny Mix Tapes is seeking new writers and Chocolate Grinder needs a wealth of ‘em, so apply here!” — EVERY FUCKING DAY

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Chocolate Grinder

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