♫♪  BODYGUARD - WĒNQUÁN (excerpt 2)

Remember the good-old Rraro days when it was like, “Oh, shit: new Rraro just popped… FIND A BLOG THAT HOSTS THE .zip OF IT!!!” or “Wait, THAT is a Rraro side project? SICK!” or “Nahh, nahh! That’s just the [first, second, or third] volume of the series.” ….remember? That doesn’t happen anymore. Now, it’s like you go to the Rraro exhibit in Long Island City and it’s a fucking elevator with two speakers in it, then Boychild enters the elevator and is totally confused at three people just chillin’ in there, but Ritch thinks it’s a good idea to ask for Boychild’s phone number, so there’s just a gaze, the doors open, and that Rraro keeps on jammin’ out. But yo, who actually still has and listens to coveted Rraro cassette tapes. If you out there, then “Hi!”

They’re playing Bone Thugs’ “Let’s Ride & Get High” on the sales floor in front of me, and all I can do is imagine what the new BODYGUARD will sound like. Where is it coming out on? What does it mean? Do you think Rraro has a lot of private house shows in the Bronx? Maybe Boychild has been attending them? Mega cool sometimes is just the music. Rraro wins. WĒNQUÁN (excerpt 2) is above. Full frame Rraro visage. Album TBA 2014. Hi!

• BODYGUARD: https://twitter.com/LIL_ICEBUNNY

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