♫♪  Bok Bok - “Melba’s Call” ft. Kelela (Deleted Mix)

At the end of last month, Night Slugs label daddy and club visionary Bok Bok dropped his second and much anticipated release Melba’s Call. After shelling out a plethora of mixes, singles, and features, Bok Bok has admittedly devoted the majority of the past few years building the Night Slugs empire, his label co-founded with L-Vis 1990. And with such commitment, the label’s success is no surprise.

While the suspense for another “proper” release from Bok Bok certainly aggrandized the release of “Melba’s Call” ft. Kelela, the (Deleted Mix) is raspberry icing on the cake. As in line with much of BB’s work, the track is vast and beefy, dancing in developing architectures of concrete, glass, and greenery. The track stops to breathe and recuperate from gargantuan heaves, coalesced by the silk web emerging from Kelela’s vocal cords. It’s tight and loose in all the right places; more of a zooted-headphone jammer than a club hurricane.

• Bok Bok: https://soundcloud.com/bokbok
• Night Slugs: http://nightslugs.net

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