♫♪  braeyden jae - “Turnings”

Oakland’s Inner Islands is a very chill label. Its last release really blew me away, going beyond the “trippy synth” trope that seems to have become synonymous with the resurgent “new age” tag. Heading into 2k15, the label has unleashed braeyden jae’s Turnings, which, while still pretty mellow, at first sounds harsher than previous Inner Islands tapes. Over the course of 30-plus minutes, braeyden jae’s solo guitar, looped and blasted through various effects, opens up into an intimate, endearing listen. Lately, I’ve found myself turning on my stereo and instinctively reaching for this one. If you give it a listen below, I think you’ll feel the same way. Stay mellow, my friends!

• Braeyden Jae: http://braeydenjae.tumblr.com
• Inner Islands: http://innerislands.com

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