♫♪  Brandon Locher - “Medium Frequency”


“I don’t think I will ever find the Motherlode because I believe it’s more than just one thing. It’s about here and now. About waking up to this moment, seeing this for what it is. This awakening is available to all of us, at every moment.”
Brandon Locher

Every piece of art has an elusive “center,” which, when breached, reveals the artist’s intended design, or message, which they guard to varying degrees in an effort to throw the critics and copycats for a loop (or labyrinth). Messy, abstracted, it’s not somewhere anyone except for the proprietor truly belongs. This ain’t a physical place, either. It’s a state of mind. Like wrapping your fat pack of hot dogs around the Ark of the Covenant and thinking to yourself: “I’ve either made the best or worst decision in my entire life” and then WHAM! You wake up in a private screening room watching a GIF of two robots undressing each other to reveal they’re both horses undressing each other to reveal they’re both a set of four kindergarteners wearing complimentary sets of overalls. Your fingernails are eight inches long and 28 milk pints full of urine line the walls. Then you actually wake up, it’s 2016, vaporwave is dead as fuck. Hold up! Don’t go back to sleep yet. I’ve got something for you.

Brandon Locher’s work attempts to document his navigation of the “center” – the Motherlode, as he calls it – by employing a multidisciplinary approach. The colorful soundscapes, effusing exotic samples, Ableton sets that are probably denser than the TMT ratings spreadsheet, and hyper-complex pen drawings of mazes galore are all part of his oeuvre. Locher is intensely prolific as a recording and visual artist, and has amassed some serious Chocolate Grinder points too. The tightly wound ambient arrangements on Locher’s latest, “Medium Frequency,” will massage your ears with four minutes of centripetal mindfulness. Just don’t forget your ball of string.

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