♫♪  Brandon Locher - “Slow Steps”

On the hand-drawn black and white rock wall alive and gorgeous and shivering like a 4K flipbook, as Brandon Locher climbs back to solo work, spaces form to the size of a body curled up for warmth. Not large enough to call a cave, but not small enough to feel rushed. Still surrounded by quivering black strings. Still in view of the last nook, but unable to see the floor. There’s no end in sight, so his hands decide to rest. The waving lines will forever change except for the spot he lays. An indent from the time he spent there to look down upon from the next pause.

This pause, “Slow Steps,” comes just a month after “Medium Frequency” &dnash; both emerging as Brandon Locher continues his move from collaborative work (Stage Hands, The Meets) to a more personalized world. “Slow Steps,” like its accompanying cover art (also done by Locher), is cavernous and wandering. It never screams or expands past what it was designed for, maintaining a strong, moving narrative through four blooming minutes.

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