♫♪  Brian Eno - Music For Installations - British Library Talk: Part 1

Dan Smart: Yo, P! Did you know that today’s the official release day for Brian Eno’s Music For Installations box set?

Mr. P: WHO?

Dan Smart: Haha. Seriously! The peeps over at Universal Music just sent over this new video clip to celebrate the occasion. Thought maybe it’d be cool to post it in Choco.

Mr. P: Oh. Cool, maybe. Is it… cool?

Dan Smart: I’m just watching it now. It’s pretty awesome!

Dan Smart: (Though…I guess it’s not really a “music” video in any sense. It’s literally him lecturing about how he makes his shit in the British Library)

Mr. P: Really? Like, a PowerPoint and shit?

Dan Smart: Haha, yeah. Totally. Guess maybe it’s not the best idea for a Choco post, after all?

Mr. P: Yeah, maybe not. Doesn’t sound very exciting at all, tbh.

Dan Smart: OK, word. Yeah, it’d definitely be a little below TMT’s usual standard. never mind.

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