Bryant Canelo
“Steven Seagal - On Deadly Ground (demo)”

I know this makes me the star AND movie “Steven Seagal - On Deadly Ground” because I’m not sure if Bryant Canelo wants me posting this up or not. Or linking his Twitter account to this post and divulging in unearthing more mystique. But I cannot help myself. “Steven Seagal - On Deadly Ground” is beyond repeatable. It’s the first taste. Even though the beat villain released 928 under his name for the first time just a few days ago, “Steven Seagal - On Deadly Ground” takes the cake. Here’s why…

I’m sitting around at work doing nothing ‘cause fuck-it-all, Bryant sends me another link to his SoundCloud page, I’m listening, and around the 38 second mark, the song changes pace: lush guitar and drummin’ keys perfectly leveled in sound equally complementing the vocals that pour in. “No way” comes in and sounds a bit familiar, but the lyrics keep hitting, and then he coughs, and I KNOW it’s Bryant. Yeah. That him singing in that breathy and trailing off voice I had been used to hearing in conversation and not (verbally) through song. And it’s complete anti-beat instrumental mix in the back just softly trumpets out into a sync’d NON-sync’d measure of discord that flutters off into the wave.

“Steven Seagal - On Deadly Ground” co-staring Bryant Canelo streaming below:

• Bryant Canelo:

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