♫♪  Bryant Canelo - “what is a summer in the east other than heat”


Hey all. New shit from synth-loop extraordinaire Bryant Canelo. I’ll keep this short.

Ideas of what summer in the east is other than heat:

- I don’t know really, Bryant has a pretty good point.

- He illustrates the idea using an array of high-octane synths and bleeps and bloops and the occasional ambient soundscape. These sounds, in aggregate, provide structure for the argument in question.

- The second half is pretty happy actually. Because heat, generally, is something to be happy about, at least when it comes to the outdoors, eh?

- The intro is a tad more ambient, classic pads illustrating the intro to summer, y’know, those half-spring months that bring some semblance of the heat to come.

Any ideas of your own? Think about it for like, 8 mins as you listen. Stream below.

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