♫♪  Bug Bus Piano - Jurassic Period Dishwasher

A bug, a bus and a piano walk into an establishment that sells various beverages. They’ve never met before, but somehow get to talking at the table in the corner. It doesn’t take them long to discover that they each have an affinity for tape loops, ambient music and niche freeware called SoundHack. As soon as they finish their respective beverages, they decide to form a band with a deeply unimaginative name - Bug Bus Piano - and immediately proceed to travel to the bug’s house by public transport to record some music. It is at this first band session that Jurassic Period Dishwasher was conceived. The piano drew the artwork, the bus created the tracklist full of imaginative titles like “Zab final-104%_1000_0_R”, and Kit Records Jr. released the album. It’s a beautiful day, so listen to beautiful music.

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