♫♪  Bug bus piano - Oldest crab

The large box with the peppermint stripe running down the side of it had been receiving steady attention all afternoon. A fair amount of wonder surrounding the origin and contents of the box had been floating in and out of the conversations of the guests at this particular outdoor get together. No one seemed to be able to talk or think of anything else.

Bug bus piano, however, who arrived early and who knew who had brought the large peppermint striped box, hadn’t looked at it since it was first placed next to the puppy chow and vegetable medley. It did not concern him the way it seemed to concern the other party-goers. It’s grasp so firm, not one guest had even ventured into the pool (which was the main attraction for the majority of the guests) due to its mysterious allure. The bright, clean water was all but ignored. That is, except by Bug bus piano.

“I want to sink into that water.”

After an uneasy hour of lightly snacking and staring into the pool, Bug bus piano eventually got up from where he was seated and walked over to the box. All the guests watched with conquered attention. He fanned the room and looked directly at each person. He then opened the box.

“I brought this,” he said, holding open the box. “I didn’t know it was going to cause so much gossip and wasted time. It’s just an old fan and a lemon zenster in here. See? I thought that maybe it would be hot today, so I brought the fan just in case, but it ended up being really nice out, so I haven’t had to plug it in and use it. And the lemon zester I threw in on a whim. I figured we would be having summer-y drinks, and not every home has a lemon zester for zesting lemons that go in summer-y drinks, so I tossed it in. But there’s just bottled water and beer and pop here, so I haven’t had to use it either. And I brought them in this box because that’s all I could find that would fit both.”

Quietly, after staring at Bug bus piano for what seemed like forever, each guest set down their plates of food and began gathering their things. Without saying goodbye to the host, they each left in silence.

Bug bus piano, a bit upset at the turn of events, sat down at the edge of the pool, removed his shoes and socks, rolled up his pant legs, and dipped his feet slowly into the pool. The host of the party, who he hardly even knew, walked past him and began collecting the plastic plates and napkins all around the backyard and promptly disposed of them into the pool.

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