♫♪  Cadu Tenório - “Star”

Chilling with my homies in World Mart: Mr. Wu who greets me with, “Hey, my blootha!” and Oscar failing on some digital bingo system, I’m rocking Brazilian breastfed, Cadu Tenorio’s new video “Star” that looks like a screen saver Mr. Wu downloaded 10 years ago, as he is admitting in my ear canals like he’s losing a shipment of squid chips, “I downloaded that videogame screen saver in ’06, blootha. Where you been?” So I play it again as Oscar swipes his bottle opener across each of the five rows of numbers on every of the 20 scratch-off cards he’s bought — which OESB owner had notably said to me one day are for “derelicts” — and the two begin to focus on me in such a way that I think walking out will be the last time I could buy beer there. So I straight up untuck my sack from the whitey-tighties I’m wearing out the zipper of my jeans and look them back and fourth in the eyes as they just stare at my family jewels for about 15 seconds before breaking into a laughter that ends in tears a minute later, a story for years to come, and a lifetime of buying beers at market price. “Men are fucking stupid!” I yell as the last bee of 2016 lands on my nut-sack to stinger the life out the both of us.

Brava and Sinewave dropped Cadu Tenorio’s Rimming Compilations: Liquid Sky & Phantom Pain, which includes “Star.” Scope the video above, and then head to the label sites to dig the releases.

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