♫♪  Cadu Tenório - Corrupted Data [蝶とクジラ] [Website]

The back wood spot, sort like a tarp shack, but it’s just the siding. A ritual rune awaits, aglow. Puddles of thick liquid dripping and the sound of something being sharpened in harmonious noises. It’s by a pond and green-hued light is coming from the inside out flaps of tarp silhouetting steam rising off the dark puddles gaining ground. Indistinct, mossy dangling and lose limbs off trees. Cadu Tenório’s grin glaring through pitch black.

Or a hacked nature documentary that was filmed unintentionally bleaker than expected. An entire section on lemmings systematically snuffing themselves into extinctions. Accidental deaths during natural instances, like alligators chomping down on spiked rocks, injuring themselves and eventually bleeding out; birds missing the landing after running into glass and losing balance with the wings, falling to their doom.

OMG, it’s the Corrupted Data [蝶とクジラ] “album-site-book”

The dark level of humor and clique bashed ambience in Corrupted Data [蝶とクジラ] is festered in loops, feedback oblivion, ambivalent text-to-voice, misharbored resentment, badda-bing-badda-boom. All about the fragility. Almost falling completely apart. Into a blender of blissful reflection. Magic in sonics. Cadu Tenório is gonna get you fucking fooled:

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