♫♪  Cannibal Ox - “Iron Rose” ft. MF DOOM

What is an iron rose, a metallic flower, a reference to a French erotic horror film? Perhaps, it’s not a thing at all but a story; the legend of an industrial titan’s return, how an ancient mechanical arm outstretched from rubble to receive the “mic stand descended from up and above and into the hood.”

We don’t know if Blade of the Ronin, due out March 3, can live up to the legacy left by Cold Vein; what we do know is that Vordul Mega, with just two solo albums, has already proven himself one of the most innovative and influential MCs of the 21st century, and that “Da Superfriendz” reunion of “Iron Rose” is intrepid enough to put an over-sized grin on even the most metal face.

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