♫♪  Carl Stone - Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties

I repeat myself and I replant myself. Reflection might move me forward. From time to time, ear to ear, whatever I hear here stops me because I’ve heard it before. I haven’t. I have. When? Just now. How I file back through the folders of my mind, or through the sleeves of a record collection that’s not mine. Flipping through to find what’s true, as in, it has an impossible presence.

Carl Stone’s truth, then as now, speaks from the feeling of a quiet library and one moving through stacks and stacks idly handling spines. Its hush tinkers, its tinkering is lush. Thank you to New York’s Unseen Worlds for gathering together these compositions for the first time. Thank you to Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett for recently interviewing Stone for Listen to This.

Carl Stone names his songs after restaurants he likes.

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