Computer music pioneer Carl Stone announces Baroo, his first new album since 2007, out on Unseen Worlds

Computer music pioneer Carl Stone announces Baroo, his first new album since 2007, out on Unseen Worlds
Baroo cover art

The archetype is that we gradually become unable or unwilling to keep up with technology as it evolves (and as we age), and even though Carl Stone might not disprove that theory of slow-onset Luddism on his own, it’s clear that his life contradicts the notion that we necessarily have to sacrifice proper child-rearing if we want to monitor and understand the latest iPhone technology. The American (and now mostly Japan-based) electronic music composer primarily dabbled in tape collage when he studied at CalArts during the early 1970s; and since that time, clearly, music technology has come a long way. Stone himself has accepted each new development with the enthusiasm of a true tech connoisseur. And for what purpose?! The minimalism of Stone’s sample-based interpretation has somehow been kept to hidden corners.

Luckily, the fabulous Unseen Worlds label recently hit the flashlight app by releasing two compilations of Stone’s mostly unheard work spanning three decades.

Well, turns out those handy compilations precede a brand new album called Baroo, which is destined, according to official press on the subject, to be a musical articulation of “the intangible area between the recognizable and the unfathomable.” Tape was the medium by which Stone articulated during his early days, but now, the MAX software and programming language are his 21st century tools for audio triptych.

The album’s out March 1, to crazy-hype that I’m unilaterally imposing. Pre-order it here, and below’s the opening track “Okajouki.” Get excited. Like, right now.

Baroo tracklisting:

01. Okajouki
02. Baroo
03. Xe May
04. Sun Nong Dan
05. Panchita

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