♫♪  Carlos Niño / Matthewdavid’s Mindflight - SpringrainFlight

Carlos Niño and MatthewDavid’s Mindflight continues Leaving Records’ genre expanding discography with the new digital release of SpringrainFlight. Staring off with Carlos Niño’s “Gongs, Cymbals and Bells,” it rings reminiscent of the recent Floris Vanhoof release, “Talking Gongs,” but with a more acoustic call-and-response echo throughout. As if the man studied architecture to learn how to play percussion instruments, just feeling the warm energy of each sound’s harmony within each other, embodied. Then, incomes “Super Blooming Always” by MatthewDavid’s Mindflight, a melting score of low bearing typography adrift in nowhere particular. Buying cake maybe, or lagoon gazing. Palms and philodendron, and such. Lots of the color orange and fragments, yes:

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