♫♪  Casimer & Casimir - “Cascading Keys” [Alice Cohen remix]

Casimir, otherwise known as Casimir Pascal, calls this technically ‘new’ song (produced by himself and his multi-instrumentalist newphew Casimer) “a total rewrite/remix/forced-duet with Alice Cohen’s ‘Cascading Keys.’” We have no need for mimicry or the mere bolstering of new beats of an augmented bass-thunderin,’ when the Chicago-by-way-of-Detroit duo took on this new single off of the former Vels singer/songwriter’s latest release Pink Keys and added their own backing vocals and did some delicate/dazzling vocal and drum rearrangements, dialing up the mesmeric factor with thickly-hazed synthesizers and dashing in a bit of sun-dried heaves of acoustic guitars. But maybe what catches you most is the swirly hooks of pianos chiming warmly with buzzy-bee synths towards the fluttering conclusion. There’s always another way, weirder and wonderful-er, to see (and hear) a song.

Casimer & Casimir’s got all their singles out of their system (having recently also “re-imagined” the latest single by Detroit space-funk trio Johnny Headband) and will now sit down to piece together a string of forthcoming “C&C originals.”

• Casimer & Casimir: http://casimercasimir.com
• Alice Cohen: http://alicecohen.bandcamp.com/track/cascading-keys-3
• Olde English Spelling Bee: http://oesbee.blogspot.com
• Crinoline Records: http://crinolinerecords.tumblr.com

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