Casimer & Casimir

The wicked pulsation of “Retiree’s” opening synth washes over you with the same dazzle and disorientation wrought from the sweet syrupy glugs of an old box of refrigerated wine, similar to the one that’s zozzled our narrating singer into such a melodically ponderous state. But soon, those beats affect a sublime sway, a sort of waltzy slow-dance on the beach where the frothy tides of prog-rock glitter and funk-flaring indie-dance-pop barnacles are splashed together onto the toes of this Uncle-Nephew duo, Casimer & Casimir. Synth strings saw and soar like shooting stars and the b-section settles down for what feels like champagne bubbles into your ear drums. All this, plus the stop-you-in-your-tracks splendor of our vocalist’s wispy timbre (you’ll recall our ascot-ed, gossamer-toned crooner, monsieur Casimer, from the now-three-year’s-gone baroque-baring champions of intricate/imaginative pop –Pas/Cal, as he sings of coming to a strange new creative sobriety in the sips of bad, bad wine, over the cresting fuzz furls of his nephew, Vincent Casimir).

Casimer & Casimir started up about six months ago and plan to release a song (or two) in spurts, here and there. So, after you stream this splendid ditty, make sure to check back.

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