♫♪  Casino Versus Japan - Frozen Geometry

Shutting down like doing about six hours of work, but forgetting to save it. Becoming the universe in a hourglass. Fractioning influence from self inflicted thinking that overwhelms and develops into some form of fat and hair and veins. Bulges from the neck. Pulsating yourself from boiling point emotional status to complete REM sleep. Falling entirely out of reality. Seeing prisms where life used to exist. Building like a crystalline fragmentation within a space that you only exist within. Troubling nothing. Feeling the crease of your smile and thighs and baby-fat forearms. The hairs raising on all parts of your body like static electricity, although only sensing the vibrations. An abundance of vibration. The hourglass shattering into stars, forever. Distance and time as a conversation piece. An afterthought.

Frozen Geometry is like trying to sleep forever. And on 2xCS, Casino Versus Japan ain’t fucking around. So next time you =vlookup for a thousand hours in Excel, then forget to save the document, plug into Frozen Geometry. The taste of collaborative sound will whisk you into a dimension only stress-free atmosphere exists. Resting. Awaiting to toss a peace sign your way.

Frozen Geometry emerged from years of sketching new textures on guitar, which were layered and looped into immersive capsules of harmony and drift. The original intention was to use them as melodic foundations for future compositions but then he “became aware of them existing on their own.”

First full-length offering from legendary ambient act in over half a decade.

An intriguing opus of hypnotic beauty and peripheral consciousness.

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