Casino Versus Japan to self-release new album Suicide By Sun in July (the sunniest month)

Casino Versus Japan to self-release new album Suicide By Sun in July (the sunniest month)

There is something about ambient music that brings out the melancholia — Basinski fans, you know what I’m talking about. Producing music for just as long as the disintegration-meister, Wisconsin-based guitarist Erik Kowalski (a.k.a. Casino Versus Japan) is celebrating his two-decade anniversary in the most morose way possible: with another narcotic-laced ambient foray titled Suicide By Sun.

Comprising no fewer than 22 new tracks, the album is equal parts a climate change warning and a bleak consideration of the end of it all via the provider of all. But all that wouldn’t matter if it weren’t utterly engrossing. As he’s shown throughout his career, Casino Versus Japan again exhibits complete mastery of his form.

In lieu of taking its titular proposition literally, pre-order Suicide By Sun over at Bandcamp and check out several tracks from the album — “Led Away,” “Autumn Trills,” and the delightful-sounding “Marching Into the Blinding Sun” — down below. Here’s hoping for another twenty years.

Suicide By Sun tracklisting:

01. Sunset Wake
02. Not Dreaming
03. Frost Nod
04. Deep In Black Night
05. Forgiveness For Grey Eyes
06. Death To The Fictitious Light Cycle
07. The Dive
08. Led Away
09. Evil
10. Waiting
11. Pretty Rare Nowhere
12. Goodbye Sinister Clouds
13. Wave Scam
14. Hope In Color
15. Lazy Girl Loop
16. Metric Disguise
17. Sad Clock
18. Bitter Sensed
19. Slow Fade
20. Autumn Trills
21. Backspacing
22. Marching Into The Blinding Sun

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