♫♪  The Casual Sexists - “What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?” [cassingle]

I look at myself in the mirror every day and ask myself the same question: what’s wrong with being sexy? Surely there’s no embargo on the level of sexiness I can attain, or, indeed, have already attained. The natural inclination of my every physical attribute leans toward “sexy,” as if I possessed an internal dial, some sort of knob that nature twisted in a Nigel Tufnel–esque fashion all the way to eleven. Let’s call it a sexy-ometer. That’s the sexiest measuring tool there is.

The Casual Sexists, husband-and-wife duo of Varrick and Ed Zed, get me. I mean, they TOTALLY get me. They wake up every morning and are faced with the prospect of confronting the day in state of pure sexiness before they even muster the energy to brush their teeth. (That cover image would be Varrick’s “before” shot prior to the application of her toothpaste of choice.) They eat their breakfast in the sexiest way possible. They head to work with a cloud of sexy hovering above them, accompanying them wherever they go. When they play shows, the sexiness is just too much for most concertgoers to handle.

Shades perpetually affixed to their faces, Varrick and Ed writhe around in their dubby electro post-punk on a new self-released cassette single1 called, wait for it, “What’s Wrong With Being Sexy?” You, listeners, are forewarned: this is a quintessential Casual Sexists release, rife with synth licks and drum machines, clattering and pulsing sexily as Varrick breathes vocal syrup all over her microphone, coating you in a sheen of hyperaware sexy sexiness. There’s also a remix called “What’s Wrong With Doing Dexys?” and a cassette-only Ed Zed track called “The House Speaks,” which, let’s face it, are equally sexy.

So to sum up: who’s ready for some super-sexy sexiness?

To answer: if you’re not already in a state of super-sexy sexiness, I’m actually not sure there’s anything we can do for you.

1. What we sexy folks referred to as “cassingles” back in the day.

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