♫♪  ✧cecpooL✧ - “IDGAF (prod. So Drove)” / “I’m Good”

The television of a television in a dead-god deity world where we are all masters of our own destiny wasting away into a breathtaking fantasy that only continues to expand our minds that start out like a commerical for sweatner and really it’s for the telelvision store rave after it closes that was broadcast on television in the commercial earlier and you saw yourself in the background with the fliers promoting the party so pull the fuck up because a come-tru is only an ice-cream truck away: “IDGAF.”

Similar to “IDGAF (prod. So Drove),” ✧cecpooL✧’s “I’m Good” keeps an abrasive aesthetic lyrically and sonically, matching both without stepping too far off the deep end, but just enough that listeners can feel their toes bending over the ledge, with a sinking feeling of vertigo and a mentality of embracing fear, wielding a downward spiral of charisma and confidence.

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