♫♪  So Drove - “I Don’t Wanna Die”

Photo: Shannon P. Kelly

I don’t wanna die tonight. You don’t wanna die tonight. No one wants to die tonight. We especially don’t wanna die of an overdose tonight. That’s the message of the latest single from Los Angeles producer So Drove (Adam Schwarz). Being from the ‘burbs of the Midwest, I’m used to the DARE advice to “Just Say No” and to view all drugs and drug users as “the bad people.” But now that I am out of the Garfield-induced comfort zone of my youth and am faced with reality, it’s easy to understand that addiction and substance use is a multi-dimensional beast that’s pervasive all around us, from cities to gated communities.

On “I Don’t Wanna Die,” So Drove juxtaposes bouncy, neo-pop punk rhythms with heavy words on opioid addiction and overdose. Peep the new skateboard-centric video below (dir. Matthew Doyle) and know that all proceeds from Bandcamp benefit End Overdose and Harm Reduction Coalition, two non-profits working to fight overdose-related deaths. Rock on for a good cause!

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