♫♪  Cherushii - “Far Away So Close”

100% Silk been running HEAT this year, so no DOUBT they popping a new Cherushii12-inch. And we ALL been dying for a new 100% Silk 12-inch, so you’re only lying to yourself if you don’t agree. Side-A featuring “Far Away So Close,” a jazzy sunset viber that is a crystal skyline against purple and feint blue clouds that billow a portrait upon the club window. Beach house club away from the beach. Anti-slime city slicking that removes itself from the urban. More of an under -the-bridge party that works with the traffic buzzing above, punning out a satire of melody that ranks a comedic level of straight-laced dance. It’s a poked of a face that can muster enough courage to let completely loose on the dancefloor. Move like everyone is watching, because they are and you’re better off feeling as free as “Far Away So Close.” Let Cherushii take you by the ears, listener. It’s spinning time. So spin on over and grip yourself a copy!

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