♫♪  Chipped Nails - “ilusão”

Chipped Nails (a.k.a. Ghibli, a.k.a. Manicure Records boss) aims for the stratosphere. Described by Ghibli as a “dumping ground” for ideas that don’t quite fit a house aesthetic, Chipped Nails makes music that perpetually builds up to anything and everything, only to find momentary release before yet another buildup or transition to a buildup. It’s a constant renewal of energy/ecstasy somehow unsullied by any harmonic or rhythmic phases, and both mixes from last year — Kawayuka’s Regret (a mix of #MANICURED versions of songs/remixes by J-pop group Perfume) and WHITE HOT (a three-track mix of oddball originals) — were exquisite, masterful examples.

Chipped Nails’s latest track is called “ilusão,” a bifurcation that starts with a pitched-up Echosmith ascending her way through the vaporous mist before slamming headfirst into a transcendent rendering of kuduro as heard through Manlolas Fofo. Listen here:

• Chipped Nails: https://soundcloud.com/chippednails
• Manicure: https://soundcloud.com/manicure-records

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