Toronto collective Bedroomer announce footwork-inspired comp, premiere track by SL.Y

Toronto collective Bedroomer announce footwork-inspired comp, premiere track by SL.Y

Ah yes, February in Canada: months of cold fingers and toes, windchilled eyes (it happens!), frozen nostril hairs (also happens, unfortunately…), monster snowbanks, intermittent days of -25° Celsius temperatures (sorry: -13° Fahrenheit) mixed with 30 centimeter snow falls (sorry: 12 inches), and of course, dark day after dark day of snowed-in-and-waiting-for-neighbor-to-do-his-shoveling-duties-but-it-doesn’t-matter-anyway-cuz-this-non-starting-piece-of-shit-ripoff-second-hand-Dodge-K-car-%$#@-car-won’t-%$#@-start-anyway-for-%$#@-sakes-c’mon!!!

Sorry, ignore that rant. Despite my hangups, it just might be the perfect time to get outside your comfort zone and get smitten with the great, frozen north again. Besides, any time of the year is a good time to embrace the warm and wonderful collective Bedroomer, which will be releasing its latest-cuts comp, entitled Main-Room, at the end of this very week.

Representing the vanguard of Canada’s dance/electronic/footwork music scene for the past few years through its impeccable sense of creative inclusiveness and the kind of outright stick-to-it-iveness that’s inherent only to a true north entanglement aesthetic, Bedroomer’s latest and 100% FREE compilation is comprised of 14 fine footwork-inspired cuts featuring old friends (Internet Daughter, label lynchpin Eytan Tobin, GHIBLI, Kare, Iyer, Beat Sampras), new recruits (SL.Y, Fil Jackson, Andrew Juke, Sleepycatt), and admired T.O.-based producer contributions (Hesk, Acote, Philthkids, Dan Only, Wizard Of, L. Paradise).

Bedroomer Presents: Main-Room will be available Friday, February 17 (again, totally for free) right here. And if that’s not enough to wet yr y-fronts, we have the exclusive honour (Canuck spelling) of premiering a new track by SL.Y, featuring Toronto-based footwork master Hesk, down below. This sensual, mid-winter stroke should help bring-on that unique sense of summertime that can only be spelled: “F.U.N.”

Talk is cheap. So is listening. Get at it:

Bedroomer Presents: Main-Room tracklist:

01. Internet Daughter & Eytan Tobin - Talk Is Cheap
02. Kare - OFTEN (bringitbackgyal)
03. Acote - Akula
04. Andrew Juke - Pontifex
05. SL.Y (feat. Hesk) - F.U.N.
06. Iyer - Imaginary
07. Philthkids - Deep Space
08. beat sampras - BBHMM Please
09. Sleepycatt - Bring Them Out
10. L. Paradise - IK 2012
11. Wizard Of - Desperation
12. Dan Only - Nano Steps
13. f(x) - All Mine (#MANICURED)
14. Fil Jackson (feat. Hesk) - Keep Steppin’

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