♫♪  Chris Weisman - “Don’t Be Slow”/ “Backpack People”

Chris Weisman is one of the few folks who manages to turn the most dissonant music into some of the most invitingly warm folk pop out there. There’s an overwhelmingly humble intimacy to his spare 4-track recordings that masks the dense harmonic progressions and angular melodies that inform so much of his music. Instead of calling more attention to the strangeness of his music over time, Weisman has instead gradually stripped away all but the absolute bare bones of his music over his last few albums and the recent tunes from his forthcoming Holy Life That’s Coming on NNA Tapes reveal his songs in their most minimal forms yet. Both “Don’t Be Slow” and “Backpack People” re-imagine singer/songwriter pop with the tonality of 20th century composers like Charles Ives. The fact that Weisman accomplishes this with little more than double tracked acoustic guitar and voice is a testament to his wildly inventive approach to minimalistic folk.

Holy Life That’s Coming is out via on February 26th. You can listen to “Don’t Be Slow” and “Backpack People” below:

“Don’t Be Slow”

“Backpack People”

• NNA Tapes http://www.nnatapes.com

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