♫♪  Chris Weisman - The Holy Life That’s Coming

It’s a strange and wonderful thing when someone you never expected to see written about anywhere shows up everywhere, but NNA’s been on top of its game for this one, ensuring each and every damn one of you weirdos out there realizes and understands that there’s an opportunity to pick up a few Chris Weisman tracks on a vinyl record, which is always gonna be a big deal. Just yesterday, even M Rubz got in on the action, oblivious to the fact that ye olde Chocolate Grinder was already in line to unleash the full-album stream to you in all its glory.

Yes, friends, all 14 tracks from The Holy Life That’s Coming, a record of fresh material hot on the heels of OSR’s Monet In The 90’s collection, are now available to sip slowly, like a hot cup of tea on a wintry February day. Weisman’s youthful charm feels a bit more grown up this time, with absolutely none of the occasional rambunction found in previous work, trading in diverse instrumental arrangements for “simple” steel-string guitar and vocal hymnals with the occasional keyboard accompaniment. “Simple” is here typed within those scare quotes because of the complex tunings, phrasings, and disharmonic-harmonies Weisman’s been known to casually sneak into his music, almost like a game, hiding a hyper-advanced music-theory approach behind curtains of soft-folk balladry, an easygoing backdrop for the many lyrical riddles riddled about the album.

The Holy Life That’s Coming, currently available for pre-order, officially hits turntables tomorrow via NNA.

• NNA: http://www.nnatapes.com

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