♫♪  Coldplay - “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Miscellaneous YouTube comments for Coldplay’s new song, “Adventure of a Lifetime,” the first single off their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams:

“WOW, this is a TREMENDOUS surprise, Coldplay never disappoints. I think that this is one of their best singles EVER, I love the beat! It’s something fresh and catchy <3”

“Am I the only one who loves both the new and old Coldplay?”

“What the fuck? Did Coldplay just turn into Maroon 5?”

Fun facts about my early life and Coldplay fandom:

- I have been to TWO Coldplay concerts, both in support of their third album, X&Y. I enjoyed the stadium experience.

- I spent many nights in high school driving home, feeling sorry for myself about one thing or another and listening to Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” I regret nothing.

- I drove to Best Buy on the day the band released X&Y in order to hear it ASAP. I regret nothing.

While Coldplay have hinted that A Head Full of Dreams is their final album, there’s no doubt that there will be not only an eighth Coldplay album, but an eighteenth. As long as their neutered brand of feel-good anthems top the charts and soundtrack the latest episodes of CSI: Cyber or NCIS, there’s no reason why these agreeable Brits won’t continue to navigate the middle of the road of pop music.

The below song is the first single off the new album. It’s a song you will hear on Spotify, at the grocery store, and in the car with your parents. Either of your folks will hear it and declare, “This is pretty good.” The rest of the car ride will be shared in silence.

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