♫♪  Computer Slime - ミスト

Last time we mentioned Computer Dreams/Midnight Television, an early practitioner of what’s now called vaporwave, we were mostly talking about 骨架的, an artist who released some vaporwave albums before even Computer Dreams. At the time of the post, 骨架的 had suddenly released four new albums after a prolonged silence (three of which were promptly taken down weeks after the post), and (s)he/it has since released a couple more (Ancient Science and the Vibrations EP). However, 骨架的’s Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Tumblr pages are now all currently blank, with no signs of life anywhere (luckily you can download all of the above at Last.fm).

Now it’s Computer Dreams’ turn to rise once again from the digital ashes, which is a bit odd since (s)he/it is reappearing around the same time that 骨架的 re-disappeared. And not only do we have a new album — ミスト (“mist”) under the moniker Computer Slime — but we actually have some concrete (for now) online presence, including a SoundCloud account, Bandcamp page, and a Tumblr. Coincidence? Probably. In any case, it’s possible that this release will be taken down without notice in the near future, so download before it turns to mist.

• Computer Slime: http://computerslime.tumblr.com

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