Computer Slime Sticky Keys

[Self-Released; 2019]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: ya want more than “juke/footwork,” “juke/footwork” is all ya get, #00FF00
Others: sometimes you wish Björk sounded like this, the FBI said American conspiracy is the #1 cause of domestic terrorism, when we get Björk #2 as Illuminati lizard-clone, tho?

i don’t even have fucking cool air conditioning in my apartment, and Mr P is a son-of-a-shit. he has complete curator control over this website, you know? (btw, i’m tryna stop saying “right?” and “you know?” at the end of my sentences, because it sounds pretentious.) Mr P took Computer Slime’s Sticky Keys Choco from me on July 29. “Como ceviche de clear-goo’ y/o ‘translucent-slime?’” Fuck the stress and anxiety in all my IRL shit, but THIS????? kkkkkkkkkkok

i ain’t excepted Computer Slime to define slime in this way, but it makes sense. ya ever hooked up a modem and a router, and not been able to connect? Like, completely no instructions; smoking out simultaneously. an’ ALL they has be the rhythm of other hauntings. A ghost that nobody follows. When people question black presence within vaporwave, they’re also asking about who ya be sampling. Computer Slime’s Sticky Keys makes me happy to be living in a community that has communication on lock&KEY #keyholejuke

My boy Mick Ross blessed me with wireless headphones on July 4. i never bumped this hard, since i sat in a stinkin’ Lincoln, shotgun sittin’ lax. aN’ them trickles of beat; giving a bartender shit when you know that shot ain’t really $8, because tell homie how many you

In related news, bitcoin is currently valued at $9.5k.
- Mr. P

bought to order. Computer Slime…. MR FuCKING P is immersion of evolution: slime. tux-fucking-edo karate headband kicks in the basement *KEEEYAHHH* All Sticky Keys is doing is putting together some combos.

if someone asked me what’s my genre of music, i’d say “More flame on my grill” like a sizzling sound; Sticky Keys brings older footwork trashiness into vapor-mirage/-reality. As if credibility were based upon how esoteric a music project can get, still; now, oozing straight slime. Oozing an’ crusting: is ya feeling cracked up? Don’t laugh at any of this in a slow-motion slap-head emoji. The deplorability of Computer Slime is how we NEED immediately.

The whole bit of anonymity completely mispronounced by any world leader, at this very moment. release thy Sticky Keys. Survival is the only way.

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